A message from us

In September 2022 our lives changed forever when, aged 40, Craig was diagnosed with incurable and inoperable EGFR lung and bone cancer.


In the face of adversity, we were determined to channel our energy into making a difference.

Our journey has been one of resilience, inspiration and a testament to the strength of the human spirit.

In the spirit of turning adversity into advocacy, we are proud to introduce the Maxwell Family Genomics Fund. Our mission is clear—to enhance, improve and develop the cancer pathway in Wales to make a lasting difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families in Wales.

Craig’s story has touched the hearts of many, rallying support that surpassed all expectations. From the initial goal of £300,000, the generosity and compassion of people from all walks of life have propelled the fundraising to an astounding £1 million. This outpouring of support showcases the power of collective action, reminding us that together we can achieve the extraordinary.

We invite you to join us in this crucial endeavour. Your support, whether through donations, spreading awareness or participating in our initiatives, will contribute to a future where the impact of cancer is minimised, and the journey of those facing it is filled with hope.

Together, let’s champion the cause of the Maxwell Family Genomics Fund and pave the way for breakthroughs that will make a lasting difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families in Wales.


Thank you for standing with us in this important mission.

With gratitude, The Maxwell Family

Our Fund

The Maxwell Family Genomics Fund is a fund administered by Velindre.

Our aim is to advance cancer care in Wales. Our mission is to propel cancer testing, foster genomics innovation, and, with the direction and advice of Velindre, strategically invest in projects which will enhance the cancer pathway in Wales.

 Our fund team is comprised of members from the Moondance Foundation, Velindre Cancer Centre, All Wales Genomics, and the Maxwell family. Chaired by Tracey Maxwell, in the future Craig and Tracey’s children will also be part of the team helping to support the allocation of funds and transforming the outcomes of cancer patients in Wales.

The heart of our initiative lies in the annual allocation of funds to genomics testing in Wales, aimed at elevating the Cancer Pathway. Applicants can submit proposals through our website, which will be evaluated in collaboration with Velindre and All Wales Genomics. Further details on this process will be announced in 2024.

To uphold transparency and compliance, a Fund Secretary is appointed by the Maxwell family to oversee operations. Up to £15,000 per annum is allocated to support a dedicated Velindre role to manage fund allocation and ensure adherence to our objectives.

Our family-led fundraising team, in partnership with Velindre, can apply for funding support to organise events. Additionally, up to £5,000 per annum is earmarked for promotional and marketing activities, reinforcing our commitment to communication, website maintenance, brand awareness, and fundraising events.

All remaining profits outside of the numbers above are 100% allocated to fighting back against cancer in Wales.

Our objectives focus on improving cancer testing, fostering genomics innovation, and making strategic investments to enhance the cancer pathway in Wales.

Help us make a difference

Cancer has touched our lives, challenged our resilience, but it will not define our future. We are determined to channel our energy into making a difference.